Kenosha Creative Space is a non-profit organization and arts venue committed to connecting, inspiring, and showcasing local artists, musicians, creatives, and entrepreneurs. For the past six years, Creative Director Francisco Loyola and his team have been doing just that. “We collaborate with all the educational institutions, independent artists, art and community organizations,” Loyola said, “We believe that as the creative community becomes more important to Kenosha’s economic and cultural development, artists and creatives require a place of their own to gather and exchange ideas. Kenosha Creative Space is that place.” In 2018, they opened up their permanent location on 57th Street in Kenosha. The Creative Space is proud to be the leading organizer of the Rock Circus as they continue to inspire their community, everyday.


Executive director Fransisco Loyola, 2018

Our team
"It takes a village"


Fransisco Loyola

Creative Director (Kenosha Creative Space)

"I’m a working artist, creative and community organizer. Over my years working in Kenosha and through extensive networks, I have established strong connections between artists and creatives in the midwest. I am passionate about helping young people accomplish change in our community."

Jeremiah Lunde

Lead Innovation Engineer

"For the past decade, I have enjoyed living a busy life filled with engaging projects that I’m passionate about. As the founder and leader of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus, it’s my goal to facilitate an intuitive and creative environment where innovation is encouraged. Bring it on, world!"

Abby headshot.jpg

Abby Bloxdorf

Chief Catalyst For Creative Change

"I oversee progress in every aspect of the event and hold our organization accountable for our ambitious goals. I’m passionate about music and helping my community. When I’m not working on the festival, I enjoy working in the high-end foods industry, music industry, and practicing web design."

Joey Belotti

Lead Facilitator For Revolution

"My goal is to bring about positive change through music. I’m thrilled to revolutionize the way Kenosha is perceived at home & abroad and remain hopeful that America’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus will inspire others to promote peace, love, hope, & change.”

Elishai Riley

Visual Concept Director

"Former graphic artist, filmmaker and spokesperson to the Israeli Defense Forces. It has been my goal to help Kenosha showcase it's inner beauty, outwardly! I seek to invigorate the hearts of the Kenosha community through the power of art!"

Logan Haller

Lead Constructional Artist

"I’ve been playing piano since I was 4 and picked the guitar up along the way, as well as my welder. I’m currently working for a creative metal working firm and enjoy putting my love of art and building together. I am extremely excited to engineer the atmosphere of this festival and play on the stage that I create."


Nate Uhrich

Visual Realization Support

"Hey, I’m Nate. I’m the lead singer in a rock ‘n’ roll band. I’m a compassionate person which helps me to work really well in a team setting. I like using creative input to support my friends and colleagues. In my free time I write songs and enjoy being involved with music anywhere I can find it. "

Benjamin Cruz

Chief Financial Visionary

"My name is Benjamin Cruz. I’m currently a finance major and in charge of making sure we put the right money where our mouth is, so this years festival can be a success. It’s great to be a part of this diverse and talented team and I can’t wait for the 20th!"


Jacob Belotti

Site Readiness Coordinator

"Hi! I’m Jacob. I’m a musician and imaginary from the city of Kenosha.This festival, to me, is a great opportunity to spread peace and love throughout our community. Let’s change the world, one song at a time."

Josh Janiak

Terrestrial Promotions Manager

"Young entrepreneur and musician looking to make changes in our community through the passion and love for music. As a community, we are an unstoppable force that can make anything happen. I am determined to help put on the best music festival Kenosha has ever seen."


Evan Steidtman

Promotional Support Coordinator

"I am a musician and writer from Kenosha, WI. I’m very excited to be doing my part for the Circus to push a love of live music and artistry to the forefront of my city."

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